User Conference 2025 from BJ

What a trip! We recently returned from a trip to New Orleans scouting for the perfect spot to have our next User Conference. We found it…and learned some things along the way. I thought I’d share some perspective from someone who’s never been to Mardi Gras…starting with my biggest discovery!

Mardi Gras is not a one day event…it lasts for weeks! We thought it would be perfect to schedule the conference for the week BEFORE Fat Tuesday because all of the decor would be out and would be fun to see what Mardi Gras was all about without being in the middle of it. I arrived on Sunday ( a full week and a half before Fat Tuesday) and much to my surprise, the Uber driver told me she had to drop me off four blocks from my hotel because it was on the parade route. I seriously must have sounded like an idiot because I just did not get why there was a parade going on. Did you all know that they have multiple parades daily with different themes from Sunday through Wednesday for multiple weeks? Lesson number one, pack light, you might have to hoof it for a few blocks.

I got checked in and met the others so we could go try out this really awesome restaurant to see if it was good enough for all of you next year. We decided to walk because it’s only a couple of blocks from the hotel. How cool that there were floats still going by so we could catch a bit of the festivities. And there comes lesson number two…they throw things…not candy…they throw hard things that hurt when they hit you in the face. They pelted beads, coins, foam footballs, flipflops, umbrellas, etc. It was like they were having a contest to see who could hit the most parade viewers. No major injuries were received and we had a great dinner with our first gumbo tasting activity. We tried five in all but the first night was the best!

And so the week continued as we checked out three hotels, multiple restaurants, and several entertainment options. We think we found some winners and are busy getting them booked for next year.

But it’s not all fun and games! We’re working on the content for the conference now and identifying speakers and breakout sessions that will be new and informative for you. If you have an interest in showing off your eLogger setup for the group, let me know because there’s still room for more presenters. We all know that the best eLogger knowledge comes by learning how your peers are utilizing the software. There will be plenty of networking space as well.

I’ll keep you all informed as we learn more, but feel free to email me if you have questions. Meanwhile, take care and we’ll see you in NOLA!

BJ Lingren
President Emerita

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