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Ron Vogl to Visit eLogger Client

Our CEO Ron Vogl, has been venturing out to visit more clients! A couple weeks ago, he had the opportunity to meet with a customer of ours who is a [...]
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eLogger New Release

The time has come!! We have a new release that adds new features that enhance the overall user experience, making your utilization of eLogger simple and precise. This one is [...]
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Please welcome EP Produzione to the eLogger Family! EP Produzione is the Italian electricity generation company of the Czech energy group EPH. With an overall generation capacity of around 4.4 [...]
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From BJ….Bucket list

Three months ago, we transitioned ownership of eLogger to Ron Vogl,  I’m delighted to report that it’s going very well. In fact, it’s going so well that I took my [...]
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August Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our August Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 15 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & [...]
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EVM Energia

Please welcome to the eLogger family of clients EVM Energia, located in Mexico. They are operating two gas fired plants to generate electricity. EVM Energia has purchased our offline module, [...]
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